[Mailman-Users] Envelope address vs. From: header addresses

Adam Goldberg adam at agp-llc.com
Tue Jan 3 14:03:51 EST 2017


Several organizations I participate in use Kavi as the "collaborative" platform, which includes email reflectors (see www.kavi.com).  Kavi is in the middle of transitioning between two versions (Kavi Workspace 5 (WS5) to Kavi Workspace 6 (WS6)).

WS5 uses a modified version of ezmlm for its reflectors.  Either ezmlm or the modifications done to it use the "envelope address" (the operand of the SMTP MAIL FROM: command) to verify that the sender is a member of the list.  If the envelope address is not a list member, it generates a reject/bounce message which (oddly) uses the operand of the From: header in creating text along the lines of "<so-and-so> is not a member of this list."

WS6 uses mailman.  I believe that mailman doesn't suffer from this problem (that is, mailman checks list membership based on the header From: address, not the envelope from address).

Can someone verify with authority that this is the case?

(and OT for this list, Does anyone have any insight into why Kavi's ezmlm implementation is acting this way?  FYI, email sent via Amazon AWS SES is sent with an envelope address unique per email (it's explicitly different from the From: header address)).


Adam Goldberg

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