[Mailman-Users] accept_these_nonmembers for umbrella lists

Gretchen R Beck cmupythia at cmu.edu
Thu Jan 5 15:58:38 EST 2017

I have am trying to figure out why the following happens:

I have an umbrella list.  My address (cmupythia at cmu.edu) is a member of the parent list (list1), and on the accept_these_nonmembers on the second list (list2). It is NOT subscribed to list2

When I post to list2 directly, the post is accepted and delivered. When I post to list1, the post is held for moderation by list2 as a non-member poster.

Default.py has SENDER_HEADERS = ('from', None, 'reply-to', 'sender')  and these are not changed in mm_cfg.py

What am I missing (or what else should I check?)


Gretchen Beck

Carnegie Mellon

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