[Mailman-Users] Message waiting for Moderator action

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 5 17:05:40 EST 2017

Hi all 

One of my users asked "how long does it take until you moderators either approve or discard my message?" (the message was held because the size exceeded the limit for the list), and he never saw the message in the list but also did not receive a notification about a rejection.  

I checked the open moderation tasks and found that no message was listed there. A quick question to the others doing some moderation if I am away showed that the message was discarded few hours after it has been sent. 

The  message sent to the user says: "Entweder wird Ihre E-Mail in Kürze freigegeben und über die Liste verteilt, oder Sie erhalten eine Mitteilung über eine Ablehnung durch den Moderator." which can be understood in two ways: 
(a) you receive a message _from the moderator_ about his approval or discaring decision, or, 
(b) you receive a message about the moderator's approval or discaring decision (from the list software). 

What is the standard procedure? I did not find a setting for this. 

Using Mailman 2.1.23 on cPanel 60.0.28

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