[Mailman-Users] Searchable archive for mailman mailing-lists?

Mark Dale mark at mailmanlists.net
Tue Jan 17 15:09:10 EST 2017

Hi Fernando

For installing the Namazu search on Mailman 2.1.*, there is a good "how
to" (with a working example) at:


We've had great success using the guide over the years. It might be
worth noting that on a recent installation on Debian Stretch I did have
to get the required Namazu packages from the Jessie repository.



On 17/01/17 18:21, Fernando Gont wrote:
> Folks,
> I was meaning to provide some option for searching our mailman mailing
> lists.
> Two questions:
> 1) Any open source recommendations for this?
> 2) In the past, we were providing this feature by mirroring the
> mailing-lists with google-groups, and thus using the googlegroups
> interface for searching our lists. However, it seems such option is gone
> from googlegroups. Has anyone been able to do this recently?
> Thanks!
> Best regards,

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