[Mailman-Users] Implementing mailman on Apple OS X Sierra via macPorts

William H. Magill magill at icloud.com
Mon Jan 23 18:37:53 EST 2017

Ive been retired for over 10 years now since I was supporting Mailman on DEC Alpha systems Ultrix/OSF-1 with sendmail.

I now find that my retirement community has need of a mailing list system for about 2k addresses - Mailman seems the solution, especially since I have a Mac-mini with more than enough horsepower to do the job.

Needless to say my Unix skills are a bit out of date. However I have kept up with OSX and MacPorts.

So, my question is basically - I have installed Mailman using the MacPorts installation with basically no problems but one - What do I do for transport and therefore how do I configure Mailman to use it? I am not using OSX server. Do I need to install postfix? Or is there a buried implementation I can turn on?

William H. Magill
# iMac11,3 Core i7 [2.93GHz - 8 GB 1067MHz] OS X 10.12
# Macmini6,1 Intel Core i5 [2.5 Ghz - 4GB 1600MHz] OS X 10.12

magill at icloud.com
magill at mac.com
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