[Mailman-Users] Change date sent to date held message was released?

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Wed Jan 25 23:19:50 EST 2017

Mark Sapiro writes:
 > On 01/24/2017 01:32 PM, Ryan C Stasel wrote:

 > > Is it possible to change the date sent on an email sent to a
 > > moderated list to be the date that the message was “released” 
 > > from hold?
 > Not without modifying the code, but Mailman does add an
 > X-Mailman-Approved-At: header to the message with the date and time of
 > "release".

I strongly recommend against changing "Date".  To non-technical
readers, it will make posters look wilfully ignorant (or at least
careless).  That is, their posts will sometimes appear to ignore
information they would have known if they were reading the list, when
in fact they posted before that information was available.

Also, from Mailman's POV, doing this would make Mailman non-conformant
to the RFCs, as Date is an originator field.  Besides Mailman's own
fields, there is plenty of evidence of when a message was delivered
(Received and often other trace fields will show when it arrived at
the Mailman host and when it was received by the next hop, which is
normally a pretty good approximation), and all but the absolutely most
broken mail clients can display the original, including the full
header.  So there's no real need to do it for forensics.


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