[Mailman-Users] Change date sent to date held message was released?

Ryan C Stasel rstasel at uoregon.edu
Fri Jan 27 14:51:59 EST 2017

> On Jan 25, 2017, at 20:19 , Stephen J. Turnbull <turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp> wrote:
> Mark Sapiro writes:
>> On 01/24/2017 01:32 PM, Ryan C Stasel wrote:
>>> Is it possible to change the date sent on an email sent to a
>>> moderated list to be the date that the message was “released” 
>>> from hold?
>> Not without modifying the code, but Mailman does add an
>> X-Mailman-Approved-At: header to the message with the date and time of
>> "release".
> I strongly recommend against changing "Date".  To non-technical
> readers, it will make posters look wilfully ignorant (or at least
> careless).  That is, their posts will sometimes appear to ignore
> information they would have known if they were reading the list, when
> in fact they posted before that information was available.
> Also, from Mailman's POV, doing this would make Mailman non-conformant
> to the RFCs, as Date is an originator field.  Besides Mailman's own
> fields, there is plenty of evidence of when a message was delivered
> (Received and often other trace fields will show when it arrived at
> the Mailman host and when it was received by the next hop, which is
> normally a pretty good approximation), and all but the absolutely most
> broken mail clients can display the original, including the full
> header.  So there's no real need to do it for forensics.

Thanks all! That’s kinda what I figured. I asked mainly because we have some approval only lists, and if the person waits a day or two to approve, the message will end up “down” in someones inbox. Obviously, this would be less of an issue if they didn’t have hundreds/thousands of unread messages… but that’s a people issue, not Mailman’s fault. =)


-Ryan Stasel

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