[Mailman-Users] Send confirmation emails to user that sign up for my site

Richard Shetron guest2 at sgeinc.com
Tue Jul 4 20:31:20 EDT 2017

If the web backend can generate the code and email for the message and 
you are on a *nix system then all you have to do is:

cat <message> | sendmail -r <from-address> -s "<subject>" <to-address>

message can usually contain additional headers depending on the command 
line options.  message can be a canned message if you put the code in 
the subject.  You may need to make this a shell script or use some type 
of shell wrapper.

see man sendmail (even if you are not using sendmail, there is often a 
stub with other mailers to allow sending email with the sendmail command 
line interface for compatibility.

On 7/4/17 5:50 PM, kayla.manchette at devplateau.com wrote:
> I have a site where users are able to sign up. When they sign up to the 
> site, their information is stored in a database on the server.
> What I want to do is send users that sign up an email for them to 
> confirm the account they just made. The email would include a code and a 
> link for the account verification page.
> Is there anyway that I can link the database from my server to mailman 
> so that mailman can send these emails out?
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