[Mailman-Users] bogus subscription requests

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jul 5 11:22:58 EDT 2017

On 7/4/17 9:54 AM, editor at visionscience.com wrote:
> I maintain a few lists using Mailman. Everything works fine. Except that with some regularity I receive subscription requests for the list Mailman at myserver.com <mailto:Mailman at myserver.com>. The messages announcing the requests offer me a link to process the request. The link yields a 404 error message.
> So far as I know, no such list exists.
> When I check the overview of my lists, it is not among them.
> I am aware of the concept of a sitewide list, and maybe this is that. 
> But the question is: how can I reject these subscription requests, or can I just ignore them?
> Using Mailman version 2.1.23

I'm guessing this is cPanel, but maybe not. It makes a difference. I
don't know why the link gives a 404. Possibly the link is to something
like http://myserver.com/mailman/admindb/mailman_myserver.com and the
list name is actually mailman_otherserver.com.

Every Mailman 2.1.x installation has a site list, usually named
'mailman'. How this is configured in your mailman depends on various
things like how Mailman was installed (cPanel, distribution package,
source, ...), whether or not this is a shared server, etc.

If you can access the admin interface for this list, you could put
something like


in Privacy options... -> Subscription rules -> ban_list to prevent
anyone from requesting subscription to the list.

If you need more help, please provide a copy of one of these messages
with all headers and more detail about how Mailman was installed and
what the server configuration is.

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