[Mailman-Users] Correcting the URLs in mailman's automated emails

Richard Richard at KarmannGhia.org
Wed Jul 12 12:58:02 EDT 2017

Some clarification below:

On Wed, 12 Jul 2017, Richard wrote:
> Hello All,
> this has been a problem since forever, but for the, oh, 12 to 15 years I've 
> been using mailman, heretofore I've had list members who were competent 
> enough to tell them, "where you see this system name, replace it with this 
> other one and it works fine." Now, that's not the case with a new group of 
> list users. (And yes, I've tried in the past to fix this, but never found a 
> solution and it wasn't all that vital.)
> My scenario is simple enough; the mail server that runs mailman is on an 
> internal, private network behind a firewall and has no direct external 
> access. Mail gets through via a firewall / gateway machine, and web access to 
> the web interface is done via "pipermail" interface through the web server. 
> It all works except that the automated emails sent for things like bounces, 
> initial welcome, password reminders and things like that ALWAYS have the 
> internal system name for the URLs instead of the external one.
> I've tried to figure out how to modify the templates to get it to work 
> correctly, all to many wasted hours of frustration, and of course I've tried 
> to look it up online. I can't find any information about what substutitions 
> are available within the various templates, though I found a conversation 
> where someone some 12 to 15 years ago said it was on their to-do list. I've 
> been tempted to just hard-code, but there are several problems with that, 
> such as that there are different list names that have to get inserted, or 
> different usernames. And even if I could hard-code the system name / domain 
> name part, I'd prefer to have the URL be unique for the particular community 
> the list is serving - simply because having to explain a different domain 
> name is just more wasted time. Plus, it would be easier to remember for 
> people - what's that link for? OH, I remember!
> Any help GRATEFULLY appreciated.
> FWIW, I'm running mailman- which I think is the 
> youngest version available for FC21.
> Thanks,
> R

OF COURSE, I've found section 4.29 of the FAQ (which can be found here:
...The problem is I don't understand it. In particular:

"and some more add_virtualhost(URL_FQDN, EMAIL_FQDN) if you are using 
virtual hosts."

Am I supposed to just add in all my virtual hosts here like this, and, if 
so, how on earth is the correct one distinguished per list?


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