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Radwa Hamed radwa.hamed at auf.org
Wed Jul 19 09:23:28 EDT 2017

Hello everyone ,

I have a list with many subscribers with different email addresses , 
when users send to the list from any domain like yahoo or gmail it is 
rejected by some servers like yahoo as the domain of sender is yahoo for 
example while yahoo doesn't allow the ip of our server as permitted 
sender and emails sent to the list are sent from the server ip but with 
users address , is there a way to change the sender address to our 
domain which permits our ip as sender , while keeping the reply to 
address that of the original sender , so that the sender would be known 
to others

Thanks in advance ,

Ingénieur Radwa Hamed
Responsable Technique local du Campus Numérique Francophone (CNF) de l'Agence Universitaire de la francophonie (AUF) à  l'Université Senghor
Département Formations à  Distance (FAD) & Technologies de l'information et de la communication pour l'Education (TICE)
1, Place Ahmed Orabi, EL Mancheya
BP 415, 21111 Alexandrie - Egypte
Tél : ++ 203 482 99 59

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