[Mailman-Users] How to check if E-mail from Mailman was opened by the subscriber ?

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Sun Jul 30 14:09:36 EDT 2017

Dlugasny via Mailman-Users writes:

 > Is it possible to get some how any statistics about Mailman E-mails
 > opened by the users ? I simply would like to be informed if user
 > opened an E-mail. WIll it be possible ?

Mailman itself has no such option.  See other replies for possible
ways to craft your mail to get this effect, although reliability is
not 100%.

 > Is it possible to get some statistics about bounced E-mails ?

No cumulative statistics are kept, but bounces are logged to
mailman/logs/bounce (relative to the Mailman installation prefix,
typically /var/lib/).

You can get the list of members disabled due to bounce with
"mailman/bin/list_members --nomail=bybounce".

Internally Mailman keeps statistics about bounces since last
successful delivery for each subscriber.  These statistics can be
accessed using mailman/bin/withlist and writing some code.  (Mark may
have a script that has not byet been included in the distribution.)
I doubt this is very useful, though, since it is likely to reset

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