[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.24 released

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jun 2 21:59:53 EDT 2017

I am pleased to announce the release of Mailman 2.1.24.

Python 2.4 is the minimum supported, but Python 2.7 is strongly recommended.

This release has a few new features, a few i18n updates and several bug
fixes. See the attached README.txt for details.

Mailman is free software for managing email mailing lists and
e-newsletters. Mailman is used for all the python.org and
SourceForge.net mailing lists, as well as at hundreds of other sites.

For more information, please see our web site at one of:


Mailman 2.1.24 can be downloaded from

http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mailman/    (not yet updated as of this writing)

Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>        The highway is for gamblers,
San Francisco Bay Area, California    better use your sense - B. Dylan
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2.1.24 (02-Jun-2017)


    - A most likely unexploitable XSS attach that relies on the Mailman web
      server passing a crafted Host: header to the CGI environment has been
      fixed.  Apache for one is not vulnerable.  Thanks to Alqnas Eslam.

  New Features

    - There is a new RCPT_BASE64_HEADER_NAME setting.  If this is set to a
      non-empty string, that string is the name of a header that will be added
      to personalized and VERPed deliveries with value equal to the base64
      encoding of the recipient's email address.  This is intended to enable
      identification of the recipient otherwise redacted from "spam report"
      feedback loop messages.

    - cron/senddigests has a new -e/--exceptlist option to send pending
      digests for all but a named list.  (LP: #1619770)

    - The values for DEFAULT_DIGEST_FOOTER and DEFAULT_MSG_FOOTER have been
      changed to use a standard signature separator for DEFAULT_MSG_FOOTER
      and to remove the unneded line of underscores from DEFAULT_DIGEST_FOOTER.
      (LP: #266269)


    - The Polish html templates have been recoded to use html entities
      instead of non-ascii characters.

    - The Basque (Euskara) translation has been updated by Gari Araolaza.

    - The German "details for personalize" page has been updated by
      Christian F Buser.

    - The Japanese translation has been updated by Yasuhito FUTATSUKI.

  Bug fixes and other patches

    - The list-owner at virtual.domain addresses are now added to virtual-mailman
      as they are exposed in 'list created' emails.  (LP: 1694384)

    - The 'list run by' addresses in web page footers are now just the
      list-owner address.  (LP: #1694384)

    - Changed member_verbosity_threshold from a >= test to a strictly > test
      to avoid the issue of moderating every post when the threshold = 1.
      (LP: #1693366)

    - Subject prefixing has been improved to always have a space between
      the prefix and the subject even with non-ascii in the prefix.  This
      will sometimes result in two spaces when the prefix is non-ascii but
      the subject is ascii, but this is the lesser evil.  (LP: #1525954)

    - Treat message and digest headers and footers as empty if they contain
      only whitespace.  (LP: #1673307)

    - Ensured that added message and digest headers and footers always have
      a terminating new-line.  (LP: #1670033)

    - Fixed an uncaught TypeError in the subscribe CGI.  (LP: #1667215)

    - Added recognition for a newly seen mailEnable bounce.

    - Fixed an uncaught NotAMemberError when a member is removed before a
      probe bounce for the member is returned.  (LP: #1664729)

    - Fixed a TypeError thrown in the roster CGI when called with a listname
      containing a % character.  (LP: #1661810)

    - Fixed a NameError issue in bin/add_members with
      DISABLE_COMMAND_LOCALE_CSET = yes.  (LP: #1647450)

    - The CleanseDKIM handler has been removed from OWNER_PIPELINE.  It isn't
      needed there and has adverse DMARC implications for messages to -owner
      of an anonymous list.  (LP: #1645901)

    - Fixed an issue with properly RFC 2047 encoding the display name in the
      From: header for messages with DMARC mitigations.  (LP: #1643210)

    - Fixed an issue causing UnicodeError in sending digests following a
      change of a list's preferred_language.  (LP: #1644356)

    - Enhanced the fix for race conditions in MailList().Load().  (LP: #266464)

    - Fixed a typo in Utils.py that could have resulted in a NameError in
      logging an unlikely occurrence.  (LP: #1637745)

    - Fixed a bug which created incorrect "view more members" links at the
      bottom of the admin Membership List pages.  (LP: #1637061)

    - The 2.1.23 fix for LP: #1604544 only fixed the letter links at the top
      of the Membership List.  The links at the bottom have now been fixed.

    - paths.py now adds dist-packages as well as site-packages to sys.path.
      (LP: #1621172)

    - INIT INFO has been added to the sample init.d script.  (LP: #1620121)

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