[Mailman-Users] Moderator action requested for a new subscription?

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Sun Jun 4 13:16:48 EDT 2017


For one of my (5) lists, I received today a request to approve a new subscriber. 

No problem, I thought - there might just be a setting which I have missed, because the list should work without such an approval. But: I did not see any difference to any of the other lists. 

All have the following options set on the first page of the list setup:

"Send reminders" = No
"Send welcome msg" = Yes
"Send goodbye msg" = Yes
"Admin immed notify" = Yes
"Admin notify mchanges" = No
"Respond to post requests" = Yes

I can’t find any other setting which would require me to approve new members. But maybe there is one I missed? 

Mailman 2.1.23 on cPanel installation. 

Tahnk you for advice, Christian 

Christian F. Buser, Hohle Gasse 6, CH-5507 Mellingen (Switzerland)      
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