[Mailman-Users] Mailman 3 confusion

Rosenbaum, Larry M. rosenbaumlm at ornl.gov
Mon Jun 19 11:01:55 EDT 2017

> From: Mailman-Users [mailto:mailman-users-
> bounces+rosenbaumlm=ornl.gov at python.org] On Behalf Of Mark Sapiro
> At the moment it actually says "The backend requires Python 3.4 or newer
> while the frontend requires Python 2.7"
> What that means is the Mailman core (mailman) and and the Mailman -
> HyperKitty plugin (mailman-hyperkitty) require Python 3 (3.4, 3.5 and
> 3.6 are supported).
> Postorius (postorius), HyperKitty (mailman-hyperkitty) and therefore the
> supporting project modules they import, mailmanclient and
> django-mailman3 all require Python 2.7.

Does that mean _at_least_ 2.7, or does it mean I need two different versions of Python on the same box, or does it mean I need two boxes?

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