[Mailman-Users] add_virtualhost with single argument

Greg Sims greg at headingup.net
Mon Mar 6 14:43:19 EST 2017

I completed a migration to a new server over the weekend.  We were able to
send all the needed email this morning so the basics are in place.

I reviewed mm_cfg.py in the migration process.  I found some
add_virtualhost statements that I am not sure do anything.  I would like to
delete them if this is the case.  Here is one of them:


It appears that mailman needs to understand the mappings between url and
email per:

# "add_virtualhost(urlfqdn, emailfqdn)" to add new mappings.

What does having an add_virtualhost with only one parameter mean to
mailman?  What would happen if I were to delete the add_virtualhost above?

Trying to clean things up along the way.

Thanks, Greg

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