[Mailman-Users] disappearing subscriber

Christina Endemann c.endemann at fsc.org
Wed Mar 8 04:59:22 EST 2017

Dear all,

one of our subscribers was "somehow" taken off the mailing list.

a)      He was certainly on the list until a while ago (by chance I had a list of subscriptions from two/three weeks ago)

b)      I did not unsubscribe him (to my knowledge), and also I don't have an unsubscribe message

c)       After subscribing that person again, he appeared in the members list again, but the strange thing is that his name field is filled in, which I certainly did not fill this time.

So it looks a bit as if that person had been deactivated / reactivated.
Can someone shed some light on this?  We have to ensure that people reliably get the messages.



And, btw, the moderator notification issue is solved thanks to your help. It was in fact only the non-existing e-mail address.

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