[Mailman-Users] removing individual email headers from digest

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Thu Mar 9 01:05:09 EST 2017

Jim Dory writes:


 > Message-ID: line since that means nothing to the end user, and the

If you have any digest subscribers with decent MUAs who are exploding
the digest into individual messages, or treating it as a folder, and
therefore would be able to respond to individual messages, you'll
break threading (ie, replies will be treated as new conversations by
many MUAs, and no MUAs will be able to keep late replies "near" the
message they are in-reply-to -- they'll be all jumbled up ).

 > Content-Type as that probably means nothing to the end user.

Content-Type is essential to most MUAs to present the individual
messages correctly.  Standard-conforming MUAs present the "raw"
version of messages, including HTML markup and encoded characters (eg,
foreign languages and emoticons).

You're welcome to try it and see (as it turns out, most popular MUAs
are anything but standard-conforming, so they may be able to guess
what is meant from the context), but I would do it in the morning and
monitor the list frequently throughout the day for cries of anguish
from the digest subscribers.


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