[Mailman-Users] an unrelated site's (cgi) access to mailman cmdline tools

karrageorgiou.giannis at yahoo.com karrageorgiou.giannis at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 22 11:18:20 EDT 2017

dear mailman team,

I have a cgi program running under a site that
is NOT the one hosting the mailman's web 
(i.e. both mail.[domain] (mailman) and www.[domain]
are apache's virtual domains in the same system, 
but under DIFFERENT user/group directives)

The cgi program must generate userinfo lists 
taking the email parts live from the list_members 
stdout; when the various lists/*/config.pck are 
world readable it works fine; but when their
permissions are reset/recreated, it breaks.

Notice that I am not talking about the group
permissions, but world's. I even tried setting
an acl giving the cgi/httpd user read permissions
but again they get lost.

since there is no way to have the main site 
under mailman's group, is there a way to 
make mailman processes not ruin the world or 
acl permissions on the */config.pck?

(I mean natively, without resorting to
suid wrappers or sudo tricks)

thanks beforehand for any answer


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