[Mailman-Users] compare lists setup

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Wed Mar 22 18:39:37 EDT 2017

jdd wrote:
> Le 22/03/2017 à 01:38, Julian H. Stacey a écrit :
> > "Hirayama, Pat" wrote:
> >> I think that config_list is what you want:
> >> config_list -o list1config list1
> >> config_list -o list2config list2
> >> diff list1config list2config
> > Thanks to jdd for asking, & Pat for answering,
> > I too am using this to debug a troublesome list list.
> and if you want to get rid of comments
> http://dodin.info/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Doc.AfficherUnFichierSansLesCommentaires

Thanks, Contains:
 cat /etc/sysconfig/cron | egrep -v "^[[:space:]]*$|^#"
 egrep -v "^$|^#" file

Testing with csh, " was not delimiting (Illegal variable name) so '
 cat /etc/crontab | egrep -v '^[[:space:]]*$|^#'

I tried to get an ideally short RE but man egrep is terse, & lacks examples:

 cd /usr/local/mailman/lists
 config_list -o - bg | egrep -v '^[[:space:]]*#|^$'    # OK, but not ideal
 config_list -o - bg | egrep -v '^[[:space:]]*#|$'     # Empty.
 config_list -o - bg | egrep -v '^[[:space:]]*[#$]'    # Blank lines remain.
 config_list -o - bg | egrep -v '^[[:space:]]*[#$]|^$' # OK
 config_list -o - bg | egrep -v '^[[:space:]]{0,}[#$]' # Blank lines remain.

Does some other Unix have a better worded or more verbose RE definition,
more examples ?

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