[Mailman-Users] list-admin on gmail ?

Håkon Alstadheim hakon at alstadheim.priv.no
Fri Mar 31 17:28:04 EDT 2017

Den 31. mars 2017 22:41, skrev Mark Sapiro:
> On 03/31/2017 12:12 PM, Håkon Alstadheim via Mailman-Users wrote:
>> Sure, daily summary should be fine, but on a bad day these
>> non-deliverable admin-emails will add up, and postfix keeps trying to
>> deliver them. So my logs show quite a few failed delivery attempts.
>> Queue of undeliverable mail grows. Neat-freak in me gets very jumpy.
>> Like I say elsewhere, slight mis-reporting on my part, it's my
>> "smart-host" up-stream out-going smtp that is rejecting the mail w\
>> spam-attachments.
> The "smart host" doesn't seem very smart if it is rejecting spam mail
> with a 4xx (retryable) and not a 5xx (failure) status.

Partly my fault I suppose, I've got various settings tuned to avoid 
losing mail during testing of my new mail-setup. This whole exercise 
started because I have switched from dSpam to rspamd for 
spam-prevention. I had a whole forest of postfix-instances to fine tune 
things so spam-filtering was done before alias-expansion and after 
spf/dkim checks. Lots of other tweaks. I did have a working web-based 
quarantine though. Presently doing major demolition and converting to 
rmilter/rspamd, without quarantine. This means mailman gets to do the 
quarantine duty for spam to my lists.

I'm confident that the end-result will be less spaghetti-like, but I'm 
not there yet :-) . Also my rspamd is not fully trained and tested.

> Another thought is just turn off admin_immed_notify, but of course that
> will also turn off notices for mail that might not be spam.

Done that, seems it did not "take" immediately. Spam flood has abated 
now, hopefully a few days to the next storm, by which time things will 
be in better shape.

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