[Mailman-Users] Cannot approve a moderation-held post

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Wed May 10 03:37:22 EDT 2017

Phil Stracchino writes:

 > Aha!  I *do* redirect HTTP to HTTPS.  However, I'd already done all of
 > the steps in that document, as well as some other measures ... EXCEPT
 > the fix_url, which I did not know I needed to do.  The problem is now
 > solved.  Thanks!

Mark, would it be possible and desirable to give fix_url a check mode
which would warn about what it wants to do?  Ie, so it could be run by
default at startup or something like that, so there'd be a warning in
the logs?  While I'm thinking weird things, how about running
checkperms in check mode at startup?

Sure, there would be a warning at startup for people who are smarter
than we are, but if they're that smart, they can figure out how to
defeat the warning themselves. ;-)  If they're *not* that smart, maybe
they shouldn't be using a configuration that bothers our check
scripts. ;-)  Yeah, there's the symlinks issue with checkperms, but
maybe we should make checkperms check mode follow the symlinks.  WDOT?


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