[Mailman-Users] Authenticated Received Chain in Mailman?

Brett Delmage Brett at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca
Tue May 30 22:34:48 EDT 2017

Will Mailman 2 or 3 be incorporating Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) 
http://arc-spec.org/ ?

I was unaware of this until today, when I saw ARC headers in my gmail test 
account when I was testing a Mailman server migration.

"If you are a mailbox provider or intermediary (mailing list operator, 
message forwarder), you should be planning your ARC implementation now 
(March 2017). AOL and GMail already validate ARC headers, and more mailbox 
providers will come online with ARC in the second half 2017.

Patches for the most popular mailing list managers (MLMs) will be 
available starting in March 2017..."


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