[Mailman-Users] New list's SMTP failures

Nick Wyman nwyman at viablecomputing.com
Wed Nov 1 15:35:14 EDT 2017

Emailing mailman-owner at mydomain.com has not worked.  The mailman list has valid owner config, but has no members.

Unfortunately, the original spam email has cleared from the mail spool.  However, I feel certain that the To: address was mailman at mydomain.com.  There were several CC: addresses which are stuck in the queue.  This was truly a spam email.

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> Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] New list's SMTP failures
> On 11/01/2017 09:19 AM, Nick Wyman wrote:
> >
> > I now think this is due to a spam email which was sent to
> mailman at mydomain.com  (it's stuck in my mail queue) which is somehow
> erroneously being processed by mailman and routed to this particular list's
> owners, but with a bad sender address.
> Do you have a copy of this spam email including all headers? That might
> be helpful.
> Also, what happens if you send a message to mailman-owner at ... ?
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