[Mailman-Users] Funding Campaign for GNU Mailman

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Nov 10 14:56:24 EST 2017

I tried to make a donation -- but was 
unsuccessful. I am a blind screen reader user, 
tried with two different ones, there were 
accessibility problems with the page. I couldn't 
enter my state properly, for some reason. Too much javascript I suspect!

For Mailman 3 accessibility is an very important 
consideration, for me, with the Web UI, as I do 
most of my work with Mailman2 with the web UI, which is pretty accessible!


I will try again, when my sighted daughter gets 
home from school, but it should be easier!


At 05:51 PM 11/9/2017, Abhilash Raj wrote:
>Hello Everyone, As most of you already know, 
>Mailman 3 is the new and improved version with 
>extra features, better security and much better 
>architecture. We released Mailman Suite 3.0 in 
>April 2015 and have come a long ways since then. 
>Mailman Suite 3.1, release May 2016, was aimed 
>to provide feature-parity with Mailman 2.x 
>series and we think we _almost_ hit that goal. 
>Apart from no monthly password reminders, 
>Mailman 3 has a much better Administrator/User 
>interface, REST API for scripting, a really 
>awesome archiver, support for multiple domains, 
>support for external plugins, support for 
>SSO/social login and so much more! I love 
>working on Mailman and would enjoy being able to 
>do so full time for next 6-8 weeks. Mailman 3 is 
>not very far from becoming the default version 
>everyone would use, but it still needs some work 
>to get there. I need help from you, the users of 
>Mailman, to get us there. If you or your 
>organization would like to move to (or, already 
>moved to) Mailman 3, I urge you to donate[1] to 
>us. There are options to donate using Credit 
>Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer (of any 
>currency), Check and money order. If this 
>campaign succeeds, here is a road map of what I 
>intend to get done: - Move Django 
>apps(UI/Archiver) to Python 3 (or bilingual) - 
>Fork `mailman import` command to provide an 
>upgrade path to Mailman 3.x from Mailman 2.x - 
>Fix MySQL compatibility in Core - Changes in 
>Postorius: - Add support for missing options 
>that are already exposed in Core’s API - e.g. 
>Support for setting templates - Find the 
>commonly used options that are not exposed in 
>Core, add them to Core's API and add to 
>Postorius - Add Admin Dashboard project from 
>GSoC 2014 (maybe?) - Add better testing of 
>container images and provide deployment 
>instructions for Kubernetes & Docker Swarm - 
>Improve the container images to work with new 
>micro-services architecture, to achieve scaling 
>and redundancy in services. - Administrator/User 
>documentation for Postorius & Mailman - 
>(optional) Fork mmcli [3] project from Rajeev, 
>fix if there is anything missing and add it as 
>an additional command line tool to work with 
>Mailman Core. Maybe pull it under Mailman 
>umbrella. Except for these, if there is 
>something more important that is preventing the 
>adoption of Mailman 3 from your end, we can 
>discuss them. I'd like to mention that I have 
>been working on Mailman 3 for quite some time 
>now and I intend to implement every single item 
>on the list. You donations would help it get 
>done much sooner, hopefully in time for 3.2 
>release schedule (at PyCon US 2018). You can 
>follow the progress of this campaign here[2]. 
>[2]: https://wiki.list.org/x/17892025 [3]: 
>thanks, Abhilash Raj --------------------------

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