[Mailman-Users] Removing archived spam

Hal my_list_address at yahoo.no
Tue Nov 14 06:44:08 EST 2017

On 12/11/17 02:10, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 11/11/2017 03:58 PM, Hal via Mailman-Users wrote:
>> On 12/11/17 00:19, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>> Would adding me as a member to the Mailman group be the "safest" option?

> It would allow you to do what you need (and to "mess up" Mailman ;)
> without giving you root or sudo.

Hopefully I won't be doing that, but if I do I won't mess up the entire 
server ;-)
Your (and others') comments on how to solve all this has been very 
helpful. I'll look closer into it when the server owner gives me access 
and hopefully nobody else needs to see that spam.

>> I read about the Mailman 3 development and I'm wondering if chances are
>> that it'll ever become a matter of "point & click" to maintain such a
>> mailing list, or will there always be the need to "deep dive" with UNIX
>> commands and other complexities?
> We're working on it.

Mailman 3 sounds very promising.
Is Postorius and HyperKitty a part of that installation or are we 
talking different software?
Updates and additional software installations are done by the server 
owner, but once I spend the time to figure out what to download from 
where, I understand it's not such a huge and complex job to actually go 
ahead and install it for him.

I'm sure the new version will be announced here :-)

Oh, you mentioned that HyperKitty could be used to delete archived 
messages via the web user-interface. This would of course solve my 
initial problem of deleting those spam messages in a simple and quick 
way without entering the UNIX terminal.


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