[Mailman-Users] changing url for administration

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 14 13:17:17 EST 2017

On 11/14/2017 06:52 AM, mrbrklyn wrote:
> what I am saying is that the documentation for fix_url_listname shows a
> single argument and within the file mm_cfg.py if has TWO options with a
> default behavior defined if only one is defined.
> So the relationship between the two needs to be documented claerer (imo)
> so the clueless like me have a firmer understanding of the relationship

The documentation for fix_url says

> Options:
>     -u urlhost
>     --urlhost=urlhost
>         Look up urlhost in the virtual host table and set the web_page_url and
>         host_name attributes of the list to the values found.  This
>         essentially moves the list from one virtual domain to another.
>         Without this option, the default web_page_url and host_name values are
>         used.

The documentation in Defaults.py for add_virtualhost() which maintains
the virtual host table referred to in the documentation for fix_url says

> # Mailman needs to know about (at least) two fully-qualified domain names
> # (fqdn); 1) the hostname used in your urls, and 2) the hostname used in email
> # addresses for your domain.  For example, if people visit your Mailman system
> # with "http://www.dom.ain/mailman" then your url fqdn is "www.dom.ain", and
> # if people send mail to your system via "yourlist at dom.ain" then your email
> # fqdn is "dom.ain".  DEFAULT_URL_HOST controls the former, and
> # DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST controls the latter.  Mailman also needs to know how to
> # map from one to the other (this is especially important if you're running
> # with virtual domains).  You use "add_virtualhost(urlfqdn, emailfqdn)" to add
> # new mappings.
> #
> # If you don't need to change DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and DEFAULT_URL_HOST in your
> # mm_cfg.py, then you're done; the default mapping is added automatically.  If
> # however you change either variable in your mm_cfg.py, then be sure to also
> # include the following:
> #
> #     add_virtualhost(DEFAULT_URL_HOST, DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST)
> #
> # because otherwise the default mappings won't be correct.

In other words, fix_url with a -u|--urlhost option witt set the lists
web_page_url attribute based on the provided value and set the list's
host_name attribute to the value obtained by looking up the email host
corresponding to that url host in the virtual host table.

If that is unclear, please suggest exactly what should be changed or
added to make it better.

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