[Mailman-Users] Extra welcome text not used

Harmen Mesker harmen at yjcn.nl
Wed Nov 22 07:59:40 EST 2017

Hi all Mailman aficionados,

I have an odd problem with one of my mailing lists. I have added extra 
text in the welcome_msg field to be send to new members but that field 
is not used. Instead new members get to see this:

Welkom op de %(real_name)s@%(host_name) maillijst! %(welcome)s
Berichten naar deze lijst kunt u richten aan het volgende adres:


Algemene informatie over de maillijst kunt u vinden op:


etc. (it's in Dutch). I assume this is the standard welcome text but as 
you can see it gives variable names instead of their values. And the 
text from the welcome_msg field is not used. The send_welcome_msg is 
switched on and as far as I can see that is the only other option for 
the welcome message.

Am I missing something? Am I goofing up? Any ideas where to look? Thanks 
for helping me out. My website and Mailman is on a cPanel hosting server.

Kind regards,


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