[Mailman-Users] Extra welcome text not used

Harmen Mesker harmen at yjcn.nl
Thu Nov 23 06:11:55 EST 2017

Hi Mark,

You're da man.  I added the s and it works perfectly! So simple. So 

Let me buy you a coffee next time you're in the neighbourhood.



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Op 22-11-2017 om 18:19 schreef Mark Sapiro:
> On 11/22/2017 04:59 AM, Harmen Mesker wrote:
>> Hi all Mailman aficionados,
>> I have an odd problem with one of my mailing lists. I have added extra
>> text in the welcome_msg field to be send to new members but that field
>> is not used. Instead new members get to see this:
>> Welkom op de %(real_name)s@%(host_name) maillijst! %(welcome)s
>> Berichten naar deze lijst kunt u richten aan het volgende adres:
> The issue is '%(host_name) ' is missing an 's'. It should be
> '%(host_name)s '. This causes interpolation of the variables (including
> '%(welcome)s' which includes the welcome message) to fail.
> The file templates/nl/subscribeack.txt should be correct. I suspect
> someone has made a change by following the 'Edit the public HTML pages
> and text files' ('Bewerk de publiek toegankelijke HTML-pagina's en de
> tekstbestanden' in Dutch) link in the admin UI and editing the 'Welcome
> email text file' ('Tekstbestand van het welkomstbericht voor nieuwe
> leden') and lost that 's'.
> If you go there and ensure that every replacement looks like '%(...)s',
> that should fix it.

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