[Mailman-Users] "Bounce action notification" emails for subscribes/unsubscribes

Terry . anon_777 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 2 20:37:04 EDT 2017

Thanks for your replies Stephen & Mark, and sorry for the long delay in getting back to you.

Re Stephen's comment:

> I don't understand why you don't have this address in the first place.

> Mailman uses this address as envelope sender (and sometimes From) in

> order to accept failed delivery notifications (aka "bounces"), and so

> automatically disable delivery from Mailman to mailboxes disabled on

> the subscribed host (including non-existent addresses).  This should

> be configured in the MTA (mail server) along with all of the other

> Mailman-specific addresses.

I don’t understand why either.  Maybe the address is supposed to exist in Exim, and not be visible via cPanel's interface (e.g. under "Forwarders").  But it makes me wonder whether everything will work as designed with Mailman under the current version of cPanel (  If I create a new list (e.g. bugtest3 at mydomain.com<mailto:bugtest3 at mydomain.com>, as I did today), the only forwarder that cPanel creates (and allows me to see) is: owner-bugtest3 at mydomain.com<mailto:owner-bugtest3 at mydomain.com> which forwards emails to bugtest3-owner at mydomain.com<mailto:bugtest3-owner at mydomain.com>.

If any emails actually get sent to mailman-bounces at mydomain.com<mailto:mailman-bounces at mydomain.com>, then I assume they'll end up in my catchall at mydomain.com<mailto:catchall at mydomain.com> mailbox, (whether I have the "Default Address" set to that catchall address, or I have a forwarder forwarding emails from mailman-bounces at mydomain.com<mailto:mailman-bounces at mydomain.com> to some mailbox), right???  I assume mailman isn't going to look in that catchall mailbox for anything, so do those emails still get processed because of what Mark said about Exim?

I received a couple of "Bounce action notification" emails this week, due to list members' mailboxes being over quota, and they seemed to come through to me OK.  They were sent from "MyListName [mailman-bounces at serverxyz.mywebhost.com] on behalf of mailman at somedomain.com<mailto:mailman at somedomain.com>" to mylistname-owner at mydomain.com.

Is there anything else I can test to ensure all is working OK in regard to administrative addresses which mailman receives emails at?

Re Mark's comment:

> Yes. The bottom line here seems to be that things are now working as

> they should be, so the issue seems to be solved.

Well, before we break out the champagne...

I'm not sure I'd call it "solved", Mark.  I've got a couple of work-arounds (using a catch-all address or a forwarder) which I should not have had to perform, but this problem could be affecting thousands of people's lists (Jim Dory had one) which are managed via cPanel.  I'm considering asking the webhost to ask cPanel to provide a proper fix, so cPanel users don't need to individually discover the cause/work-around for this problem, then remember to perform that work-around each time they create a list.  Any comments on this, Mark or Stephen?

Thanks again.


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