[Mailman-Users] minimum recommended hardware

Jesus Rivas jesus at evangelizacion.org.mx
Thu Oct 5 11:23:21 EDT 2017

Mark, thanks for your answer. 

I'm clear that cpu, ram etc... its ok.

Actually i have 10mbps and mailman/postfix delivered in 1-2 hour. its greats for us. 
But i need to move all my servers to the cloud, so, i’m checking for service cloud, and PerfectIP offer 30mpbs (cheap server :D ).
My specific question is: with this hard disk (55Gb free space on Centos 7 without graphics desktop), can i manage 100k mailing list. 

My main concern is the limited free space.  

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> On Oct 4, 2017, at 8:34 PM, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:
> On 10/04/2017 10:38 AM, Jesus Rivas wrote:
>> What is the minimum recommended hardware for running and operate Mailman?
> A Raspberry Pi
> (only slightly facetious ;)
>> If i rent a cloud service with this features:
>> 8 Core Processor
>> Memory: 32 GB
>> 60 GB SSD
>> Operating System: CentOS7
>> I have a mailing list of 82000, and we send daily email. 
>> With this i could operate or i need more space in the hard drive?
> I'm assuming you're talking about Mailman 2.1 and not Mailman 3. My
> first comment is the RHEL/Centos Mailman 2.1 is something between
> 2.1.15-24.el7 and 2.1.15-24.el7 depending on which specific Centos 7
> release you will have.
> The current Mailman release is 2.1.24 and 2.1.25 will be released
> probably later this month. I.e., the Centos 7 package is 9 or 10
> releases old. It's not as bad as it seems because some things from later
> releases such as DMARC mitigations have been backported as "bug fixes",
> but still, I would recommend installing the latest version from source.
> As to your actual question, I think the configuration you describe is
> capable of supporting a list with 82,000 members, but see
> <https://wiki.list.org/x/4030518>.
> Your actual issue will not be whether you can support a list of that
> size, but rather whether your MTA and whatever emailing limits might be
> placed on you by the cloud host can support 82,000 emails per day (or
> more realistically in the fraction of an hour that you expect them to be
> sent).
> You definitely need to discuss this requirement with any potential cloud
> hosting service.
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