[Mailman-Users] Filtering of unwanted Spam-Emails

Sebastian Jung Jung.Jena at gmx.de
Thu Oct 5 05:24:18 EDT 2017

   Hi all,

   I administrate a Mailinglist where by default only members of the list are
   allowed to post messages. Lately we have Spam-Emails where the creator
   uses a "From"-Adress in the form of:

   regularListMember at somedomain.com <someSpamAddress at dubiosDomain.TLD>

   Mailman does not block those Emails since the known and allowed
   Email-adress appears with in the From-Field although it is just part of
   the name tag.
   Do you know, if there is some option to deal with the problem or to set a
   regular-expression to filter out such unwanted mails?

   Thanks in advance

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