[Mailman-Users] How to change the administrators account email?

Marc Gilliatt m.gilliatt at live.co.uk
Wed Oct 11 03:51:37 EDT 2017

I did click on the middle link, and it took me to the "List Administrator Password" page. Is it a simple process of resetting that password? Also, that script you have given me, can that reset the owner's email for all the lists? And thank you for the help you have shown me, I truly appreciate it.
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On 10/10/2017 02:53 AM, Marc Gilliatt wrote:
> Hi,
> I've attached screenshots of the lists, and when I go into one of those lists. That's where I'm seeing the subscribe icon?

Note: the screenshots did not go to the list because the list's content
filtering removed them, but Keith and I got them by direct copy and they
were what appeared to be a portion of the listinfo/ overview page and a
portion of the listinfo page for a particular list.

As Keith said, if you scroll to the bottom of the page that begins
"About Assets-budget-test" you should see a footer like

Assets-budget-test list run by user at example.com
Assets-budget-test administrative interface (requires authorization)
Overview of all example.com mailing lists

The middle link is a link to the admin interface for the list where you
can change things for this list including the owner address which is the
user at example.com address on the first line.

Even if you don't see the footer, you can get to the admin interface by
changing '/listinfo/' and only that in the URL of that page to '/admin/'.

If you have command line access to the server, you can do this more
easily from the command line than by visiting each lists admin pages in

To visit all the admin pages on the web, it is easier to start with a
URL like the one for a single list but ending with '/admin/' which will
give a page similar to the listinfo overview but with links to the admin

To set the owner for all lists from the command line run this script:

cd /path/to/mailman/bin
echo "owner = 'user at example.com'" > $f
for l in `./list_lists --bare`; do
    ./config_list -i $f $l
rm $f

where /path/to/mailman/bin is the path to Mailman's bin/ directory and
user at example.com is the address you want to set the owner to.

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