[Mailman-Users] cause of bounces

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Thu Oct 19 02:46:29 EDT 2017

Grant Taylor via Mailman-Users writes:

 > IMHO, DMARC is going to eventually become the new norm.

It has been so since late 2015, according to the DMARC Consortium.  At
that time they claimed that 80% of legitimate email was originated at
domains that participate in DMARC reporting protocols.  I don't think
p=reject will ever be the norm for freemail providers.

 > I also wonder what ARC is going to do to this paradigm.

It may or may not help mailing lists.  It depends on whether the
spammers successfully jump on it to obfuscate themselves, which they
could do, in which case you might end up in the current situation
where you need to apply for whitelisting at some of the large
providers.  On the other hand, the large providers are getting better
at identifying responsible lists for themselves, and ARC would
definitely make authenticating those lists easier.


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