[Mailman-Users] individual moderation notices stopped suddenly

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Sun Sep 3 15:11:08 EDT 2017

On 9/3/17 2:57 PM, Larry Kuenning wrote:
> I may have just figured out the key difference between posts for which 
> I get single moderation notices and those for which I don't.  Some of 
> my subscribers are set to individual moderation, and for them I get 
> the single-post notices.  Then the whole list was more recently set to 
> "emergency moderation," and there are no single-post notices for posts 
> that are moderated for that reason only.
> I suppose this means that the only way to get immediate notification 
> of every single post is to set all subscribers to moderated status?
I believe it is intentional that you do not get notified for post held 
for 'emergency moderation'. My understanding of the purpose of 
'emergency moderation' is for a short term emergency when a lot of 'bad' 
posts (like spam) are getting to the list. It is intended to be a short 
term patch till you can figure out a better method, then you will turn 
off the emergency moderation. In this case you will likely get flooded 
with moderation messages for posts held for the emergency moderation, 
and you are likely going to be able to check the web interface 
frequently while you are working on it.

Richard Damon

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