[Mailman-Users] individual moderation notices stopped suddenly

Larry Kuenning larry at qhpress.org
Mon Sep 4 15:18:33 EDT 2017

A new question about the same list:

Can a submitted e-mail, stupidly deleted by list owner (me) through the 
list administration web interface, be somehow reconstructed if the 
option "Forward messages (individually) to: [owner address]" was 
previously checked and the resulting e-mail-to-owner still exists?

There is no single-message notification to owner because this one was 
held only through "emergency moderation."

Shell access with root privileges is available, and I've already wasted 
some time there trying to reconstruct a heldmsg-*.pck file by copying 
one for another message and trying to substitute data from the deleted 
message.  This doesn't seem to create anything mailman is willing to use 
(unsurprisingly, since I don't understand mailman's internal data storage).

Larry Kuenning
larry at qhpress.org

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