[Mailman-Users] Confusion with Mailman3 Config

Sebastian Kotthoff sebastian.kotthoff at rz.uni-mannheim.de
Thu Sep 7 16:27:33 EDT 2017

Hello everybody,

after installing mailman3 successfully (took me 5 evenings), I'm now confused about the configuration.
I'm using postorius, which is very nice and where I'm able to configure the most stuff.
Today I figured out, how to change the default email templates for domains/list in the filesystem.

But now, I like to change the default language of a list from English to German,
so that the German templates are selected.

I found some hint in URL: https://pythonhosted.org/mailman/src/mailman/commands/docs/create.html,
where they use a command line (mailman client or mailman shell?) to change the language during creation.

This does not work for me, but the mayer point is, that I got lost between the different kinds of interfaces.
It seems, that there are:
- Rest server API          - start via ".local/bin/ipython3" in my environment?
- Rest client API          - start via "ipython" ?
- mailmanclient / mmclient - start via "python manage.py mmclient" in mailman-suite_project
- mailman shell            - start via ".local/bin/mailman shell"

What would be the best way of configure a mailing list?

The howto from the URL above is working with the mailman shell for me, but unfortunately, it is
about creating mailling lists, not creating. Are there any howto about modify a maillist?


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