[Mailman-Users] spam discard expressions

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Wed Sep 20 15:59:37 EDT 2017

Apparently our host provider performs spam tests only on outgoing, rather
than incoming - since my spamassassin blacklists don't have any effect.

So I've discovered the filters offered in Mailman after being completely
buried by spammers trying to post to our subscriber only list.

I've started putting these in Sender Filters:

^[^@]+ at bcira\.com$
^[^@]+ at airablo\.com$
^[^@]+ at bfklaw\.com$
^[^@]+ at bettella\.com$
^[^@]+ at areallycool\.com$
^[^@]+ at aristo-tec\.com$
^[^@]+ at benallgood\.com$
^[^@]+ at al-meshkah\.com$
^[^@]+ at atoccs\.stream$
^[^@]+ at authors\.com$
^[^@]+ at aulson\.com$
^[^@]+ at atmyx\.bid$
^[^@]+ at airtecperforms\.com$

but what is the syntax for blocking domains ending in

etc, other than .com.

I've been reading up on python expressions but at first reading it is a bit
overwhelming - hoping for a simple example.

I've also started adding in words under Spam filters such as:

^Subject: .*Phentermine
^Subject: .*F\*buddy
^Subject: .*H00kup
^Subject: .*InstaF\*ck
^Subject: .*Instacheat

Wondering if anyone would care to share their lists of filters - or a good

thanks, Jim

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