[Mailman-Users] Correct Mailman setup (was: List adds information to sender's name)

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Fri Sep 22 16:16:43 EDT 2017

For some reason, you sent this to just me (Robert Heller 
<heller at deepsoft.com>).  I am replying and including the list 
(mailman-users at python.org) on the CC.

At Fri, 22 Sep 2017 17:57:36 +0200 luscheina at yahoo.de wrote:

> Hi all
> I have now read through the web pages Mark Sapiro proposed on Wednesday
> - and I am more confused than before about all this. After contacting
> our hoster (who told me that we are the only one of his clients who uses
> Mailman and that he can't help me here), I ask the collective of all
> knowledgeable people to help me configure Mailman (v 2.1.23 on cPanel)
> so that there are the least possible problems.
> There are in total 5 lists:
> 3 of them are discussion lists for various subjects. All members are
> allowed to reply to all messages, and all these replies should go to the
> list / distributed to all members.
> 2 of them are announcement lists - members should normally not be
> allowed to post anything; therefore all are set to "moderated". 
> All lists have members who use various mail domains, so I cannot be sure
> about any odd behaviour of their mail servers
> All lists are more or less working, but every now and then some people
> complain about something. The most annoying thing is that messages are
> processed but then queued for up to one hour before they go out. The
> mail system is on the same virtual server, and the provider has no idea
> what to do. Otherwise the mail server does not ause problems, any
> message submitted normally (not via Mailman) goes out nearly instantly. 
> I would appreciate if a knowledgeable person could guide me through the
> proper setup of these lists.
> Thanks, Christian

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