[Mailman-Users] spam discard expressions

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Sep 22 22:53:42 EDT 2017

On 09/22/2017 07:22 PM, Jim Dory wrote:
> Maybe this is how to do it:
> My spam filter is not working. I have this syntax: ^Subject: .*Example

And where are you putting this?

If you have that in bounce_matching_headers, you don't want the ^. The
syntax there is the header followed by a regexp to match. E.g.

subject: .*example

or even (I think)

subject: ^.*example

Both the header and regexp are case insensitive.

If it's in header_filter_rules

^Subject: .*Example

should work (and it too is case insensitive).

> And mail with this subject is still getting through:
> Subject: Desperate for a Example

If the above doesn't explain it, it's possible the header is rfc 2047
encoded as in

Subject: =?utf-8?b?RGVzcGVyYXRlIGZvciBhIEV4YW1wbGUK?=

which decodes to

Subject: Desperate for a Example

but headers should be rfc 2047 decoded for header_filter_rules but not
for bounce_matching headers.

Also note that bounce_matching_headers is called "Legacy anti-spam
filters" for a reason.

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