[Mailman-Users] Munging the listinfo.html page automagically.

The Mailing List Server Admin List.Server.Admin at unh.edu
Thu Sep 28 16:14:21 EDT 2017

So I see that if I edit the list's listinfo.html page using the
list's own "HTML Page Editing" feature, the new edited file
suddenly appears in:



So if I wanted to make a programatic change to select group of
new lists, would it really be just as easy as...

     pipe ~mailman/templates/site/en/listinfo.html

     ---> through a filter script ---->

     to write ~mailman/lists/the-list-name/en/listinfo.html

It seems to work.  But are there any gottchas waiting to bite me
if I take this simplistic approach?  BTW -- I like that the
template file has an embedded revision number...

    <!-- $Revision: 5865 $ -->

so the script could refuse to filter a version of the template
that it is not expecting.

(Using Mailman version: 2.1.20)

                                   the UNH Mailing List Server Admins
                                   Bill Costa, Adjunct Admin
                                   (603) 862-3056

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