[Mailman-Users] bulk subscribe 7K users

Dimitri Maziuk dmaziuk at bmrb.wisc.edu
Sat Sep 30 17:31:23 EDT 2017

On 2017-09-30 13:15, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> The process is
> subscribing the members one at a time. This will send a welcome as each
> user is subscribed, but the updated list configuration is not saved
> until the process is complete. Thus, if it's interrupted prior to
> completion, the list is not actually updated and no one is subscribed.

But the welcome messages have been sent so interrupting it and 
re-running with smaller address chunks will have some people receive the 
welcome message twice. I'd like to avoid that.

> It's done. Nothing is "in progress".

I am not asking about the web interface. I am assuming that 
bin/add_members will also "subscribe the members one at a time" and my 
definition of "in progress" is they are not all subscribed yet. AFAICT 
nothing is done until they are -- this is the point. If mailman was 
updating the membership list one subscriber at a time, I wouldn't have 
asked. BTW bin/list_members isn't showing anything as "done" yet, by my 
definition of "done", either.

That said, the part about subscribing them one at a time but not 
updating list configuration until all is done is what I wanted to 
confirm, thank you.

I assume it does save state internally and the process will be resumed 
if interrupted? (E.g. disk crash, power loss, PFY decides to update the 
kernel and reboot because they didn't get the memo?)

Thanks again,

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