[Mailman-Users] 'from' header at delivered email from inside / outside organization

kaneko at yamachu-tokachi.co.jp kaneko at yamachu-tokachi.co.jp
Thu Apr 19 06:17:52 EDT 2018

Hello Mailman experts,


I created a mailing list (i.e. abc at ml.abc.co.jp <mailto:abc at ml.abc.co.jp> )
with mailman in our organization.

Does anyone know how to configure mailman to achieve expected behavior?


Expected behavior:

a.	When a sender is outside of our organization (abc.co.jp), the
received mail should show original sender's email address at 'from' header.
b.	When a sender is inside of our organization and receiver is outside
of our organization, the received mail should show ML address
(abc at ml.abc.co.jp <mailto:abc at ml.abc.co.jp> ) at 'from' header.


I want to know sender's email address if it's from outside our organization
but do not want disclose employees' email address in our organization when
they send emails to outside our organization.



Toshi Kaneko

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