[Mailman-Users] Cannot discard pending requests

Bo Gusman bo at bogusville.us
Wed Apr 25 12:24:50 EDT 2018

Mailman v2.1.18 on Debian Jessie.

Been running mailman (much older version) for years on an old CentOS 
box. Recently moved to a new machine as above, and migrated a list - no 
problems there.

The list itself seems to be working just fine - mail flowing as 
expected. However, I've got a couple of pending moderator requests that 
simply refuse to go away. I can't Accept them, Reject them, or Discard 
them. Selecting Discard and clicking Submit All Data, the page simply 
refreshes itself and the items remain unaffected.

I do not see any error message, cannot find any indication in any system 
log that there is a problem of any sort (it's possible I'm not looking 
in the right place?)

I've run check_perms and there are 10 symlinks that are reported with 
bad groups (has root, expected list) but those cannot be changed, 

How can I fix this?


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