[Mailman-Users] Submitting the members page

Bernie Cosell bernie at fantasyfarm.com
Mon Aug 6 21:27:04 EDT 2018

Just for reference: I just checked and when I make a change in just one list 
member, includes a bit of stuff:

csrf_token and findmember and setmemberopts_btn and allmodbit_val
For every member on the page:  _realname, user, _language,
Plus, every checkbox that is "on" is also sent.

I know that manyof you think I'm nuts and all this hassle I'm going 
through to program-submit mailman's forms is silly.  But: I manage 8 lists 
now [it'll soon be nine or ten] and it is really very nice that I can open a 
windows command prompt and just type

    mailman LIST1 -s jim jim at hisdomain.com

and in one stroke "jim" is "subscribed" [-u unsubscribes, etc]  [not to 
mention how much I've learned about the wonders of the web  developer 
addin for Firefox...:o)]


                 Bernie Cosell
         bernie at fantasyfarm.com
-- Too many people; too few sheep --

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