[Mailman-Users] Digest members of one domain marked bouncing

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Wed Aug 8 06:37:11 EDT 2018

Some services provide a feedback link that you can send a copy of a
message to, and those that do generally will white list you get around
the problem.

Others don't have such a feedback link, and for those I tell the
subscribers to try to whitelist the list by adding the related addresses
to their address book (the list address, -request and -bounces
adderesses), which sometimes works, and if that doesn't for THEM to
complain to the provider about the email problem (if they don't list a
feedback address, then my complaints never seem to matter).  I also
suggest they can change off digest, but few want to do that.

I will never just convert a subscriber from digest to regular, as that
will just upset them.

On 8/8/18 1:29 AM, Peter Shute wrote:
> Have you been able to do anything about it? If we can't get their
> server to believe it's not spam, we're going to have to take all these
> people off digest, and some won't like it.
> I don't know if getting these people to whitelist us would let these
> emails through, even if it was possible to steer all of them through
> the process.
> On 8 August 2018 at 11:48, Richard Damon <Richard at damon-family.org
> <mailto:Richard at damon-family.org>> wrote:
>     On 8/7/18 6:33 PM, Peter Shute wrote:
>     > Recently we've had a lot of members from one particular domain (
>     > bigpond.com/bigpond.com.au <http://bigpond.com/bigpond.com.au>)
>     marked bouncing, and it looks like it's only
>     > digest members who are affected. I haven't checked yet if all digest
>     > members from that domain are affected. We unticked their nomail
>     box, but a
>     > few days later they're marked bouncing again.
>     >
>     > I'm guessing that for some reason, that mail server thinks our
>     digest
>     > emails are spam. Any ideas what to do about this?
>     >
>     > Peter Shute
>     I have seen bounce issues with a number of the larger email providers
>     with digests on the list I run. I suspect that the format of the
>     digest
>     just looks strange to the scoring algorithms, and the embedded message
>     Ids will look like there are a lot of email addresses in the message,
>     which would be also unusual.
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