[Mailman-Users] members not receiving their own messages.

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Tue Aug 21 01:06:04 EDT 2018

Adam Morris writes:

 > Someone sent me the below link.
 > If this can be implemented by me on my lists how can I do it?
 > https://www.lsoft.com/news/techtipLSV-issue2-2017.asp.

If I understand what you want correctly, this is possible and
controlled by the subscriber's "ack" option.

You almost certainly don't want to implement it listwide.
Acknowledgment messages are just an annoyance if you are also getting
the message.  And perhaps even if you aren't.

Individual subscribers can go to their options page, and set the "ack"
option.  I am not sure if this subscriber option is *enabled by* or
*overrides* the Autoresponder Settings -> autorespond_postings option
for the list administrator, or if it's independent.  Somebody else may
fill in the blank, or you can experiment with your own account (you
don't need to have the original message display suppressed to see if
the acknowledgment is sent and if it has the content you want it to
show the subscribers).

If you're pretty sure that most of the subscribers at that ISP want
the setting, you as admin can do it from the Membership Management ->
Membership List page.  Again I recommend doing it only for users who
are likely to be experiencing the issue, and perhaps only those who
raised it.


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