[Mailman-Users] members not receiving their own messages.

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Tue Aug 21 06:35:16 EDT 2018

On 8/20/18 11:15 PM, Adam Morris wrote:
> Hi all,
> Members of lists I run that are all from a particular ISP aren't
> seeing messages they post to my lists.
> Someone sent me the below link.
> If this can be implemented by me on my lists how can I do it?
> https://www.lsoft.com/news/techtipLSV-issue2-2017.asp.
> TIA.
There is a list option, "Receive your own post to list" which if turned
off, the list will not send you back copies of your own message.

If your subscribers use gmail (either directly or as a google service)
then they are running into a gmail 'feature' of duplicate message
suppression, where gmail will only show/keep one copy of a message, and
for your own messages to a mailing list, that is the message that was
sent to the list. This is the issue that your link comments on, and as
far as I know, Mailman doesn't support that sort of option, and changing
message IDs as this option describes actually can cause a lot of
'damage' to the mail system.

Richard Damon

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