[Mailman-Users] blocking bad digest replies

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Tue Aug 21 23:04:56 EDT 2018

On 8/21/18 9:06 PM, Bernie Cosell wrote:
> I'm a newcomer to replies [first time in many many years I've had digests on one 
> of my lists, so it is all very new to me].  What I would like is to set up a content 
> filter that 'holds' replies by sloppy posters.  Specifically, I'd like to catch posts 
> with a Subject line of "Re; <mylist digest>" and one that contains the 'footer' at 
> the end of the post [both indicative of a sorta clueless poster who didn't do 
> anything to trim down the digest].  I think/hope the content filtering can do 
> something like that.  Yes??
>     /B\
>             Bernie Cosell
>        bernie at fantasyfarm.com
> -- Too many people; too few sheep --
It is fairly easy to add a filter for the subject line, (The menu
location is a bit strange, Privacy Options / Spam Filters
I use something like

^subject:.*Arlington Digest, Vol

as that is the beginning of the subject line for the digest. the .* is
to allow for the re: (or whatever) to be added.

Catching the footer is harder, as mailman (as far as I know) only
filters on the header to the list, not the body. My list is plain text
only, so I set a size filter to catch messages which quote the whole
digest. It also catches people who attach things anyway, post in html
(sometimes) or don't trim excessive quotations (sometimes). I set the
filters to 'Hold' to allow releasing false positives or to write a
descriptive reject message.

Richard Damon

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