[Mailman-Users] members not receiving their own messages.

Mike Flannigan mikeflan at att.net
Thu Aug 23 21:28:58 EDT 2018

No objection, but it really isn't necessary.
It's not my content, so I should probably
not be credited.


On 8/23/2018 7:32 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> David Andrews writes:
>   > Are they screen shots or something???
> It's a very busy day so this is all you get now, but if nobody gets to
> it before I do I will test, add to FAQ *as text*, and post a link over
> the weekend.
> Many thanks to Mike for the link to
> http://www.woodworth-ancestors.com/fix-gmail-problem-rootsweb/index.htm
> This is something we've wanted forever.
> Mike: we try to credit contributors in the FAQ.  Do you have any
> objection to a "Contributed by Mike Flannigan" or similar?
> Steve

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